Biosphere explorers

Linking young people with our biosphere

Biosphere Explorers is an education programme run by the CCC and supported by Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership, Holywood Trust and Barfil Trust.  Currently in its second year, the project aims to reconnect young people with the local natural environment through a series of workshops and trips.  The workshops use the Galloway & Southern Ayrshire Biosphere as a focus for learning, linking the beautiful place we live in with issues which affect us all, and encouraging the children to find positive ways of dealing with these issues.  Climate change and Biodiversity are discussed at length as is Sustainability.

All the workshops have been delivered to participating schools, and currently a legacy pack is being produced to give teachers the information required to carry on the message with subsequent classes.

Castle Douglas Primary carry out a Biodiversity Survey in their nature garden
Castle Douglas Primary play the Greenhouse Gas Board game, which shows children positive ways to make a difference to Greenhouse Gas emissions.
Castle Douglas Primary visit Tongland Hydro-electricity Station as part of work on Renewable Energy.
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