Environmental Alliance for the South of Scotland


EASOS is an alliance of environmental experts and organisations from across the South of Scotland. Our members have been brought together to facilitate our collective environmental ambitions and actions for the region. Together we have a strong voice to represent our aims and objectives and a network that facilitates collaboration and support between environmental organisations and projects.

EASOS is facilitated by CCC and the Southern Uplands Partnership 


The South of Scotland will have a healthy, diverse and sustainable natural environment which is recognised as under pinning the future prosperity, cultural heritage and wellbeing of the region’s economy and communities. The environmental sector in the South of Scotland will work collaboratively, have a strong and influential voice and their work and contribution will be valued and supported.


  1. To be a strong and influential voice for the environment and environmental sector in the south of Scotland.

  2. To promote a better understanding of the environment and biodiversity in south of Scotland, and its role in underpinning a sustainable rural economy.

  3. To support partnership working between organisations across the south of Scotland to increase effective action, promote good practice and knowledge transfer.

  4. To undertake research, policy development and strategic project delivery through the work of its members.

For more information contact us at EASOS@carboncentre.org


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