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Environmental Alliance for the South of Scotland

EASOS is facilitated by CCC and the Southern Uplands Partnership 
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EASOS is an alliance of environmental experts and organisations from across the South of Scotland. Our members have been brought together to facilitate our collective environmental ambitions and actions for the region. Together we have a strong voice to represent our aims and objectives and a network that facilitates collaboration and support between environmental organisations and projects.

Recent discussions within the EASOS network have flagged some of the following challenges and opportunities for the South of Scotland. 

South of Scotland's Challenges

"We have a largely rural population, suffering from youth migration."


"Councils are under-funded and there is a lack of opportunities for young people."


"Land ownership is typically in the hands of the few, with many conifer plantations in areas not always ideal."

South of Scotland's Opportunities

"With the Green Recovery, the South of Scotland could invest in the upskilling/reskilling of the workforce."


"We can push for regenerative farming systems and reward good practice from land owners."

"We are beginning to speak with a unified voice."

"We have a huge amount of natural capital."

What is working well for SoS?

"We have a lot of community organisations working together to drive change."


"Our education sector is interested in learning and engaging with climate change and associated issues."

"We have good examples of nature-driven changes in land use such as with Carrifran and the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve."

What is not working well for SoS?

"Sometimes decisions are made from the Government without community input and are disjointed between and within regions."


"Land use is changing rapidly without assessment on what impact that has on soil carbon."

"Key habitats are often fragmented and we are not doing enough to address the decline in biodiversity."

EASOS will work within its aims and objectives to serve and benefit the region in the ways that are most needed, as identified above. We will:

  1. Be a strong and influential voice for the environment and environmental sector in the south of Scotland.

  2. Promote a better understanding of the environment and biodiversity in south of Scotland, and its role in underpinning a sustainable rural economy.

  3. Support partnership working between organisations across the south of Scotland to increase effective action, promote good practice and knowledge transfer.

  4. Undertake research, policy development and strategic project delivery through the work of its members.

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