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Restoring and protecting our peatlands

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Peatland restoration focusses on returning eroding and modified peatlands to a near natural state and can have wide ranging benefits for landowners.  Peatland ACTION provide grants for capital works to landowners and have financed restoration on upland farms, grouse moors, afforested peatland and nature reserves.  At Crichton Carbon Centre we provide free condition assessment, site surveys and planning and can help with all aspects of funding applications and project support.

On-site restoration primarily consists of returning the hydrology of the peatland to a near natural state, encouraging the growth of peat-forming plants such as sphagnum moss.  Where drainage has dried out peatland, dams are installed to slow the flow of water.  On sites where gullies or haggs are actively eroding, they are re-profiled and re-vegetated to prevent further erosion. 

Vast areas of peatland in Dumfries and Galloway have been ploughed, furrowed and heavily fertilised to establish commercial conifer plantations.  Many of these areas are now being felled and as timber grown on peat is often of low quality and expensive to harvest, 2nd rotation planting can be uneconomic or undesirable.    Crichton Carbon Centre has worked extensively with Forestry and Land Scotland and private landowners to restore clear felled forestry sites and re-establish conditions favourable for peatland.  This process improves water quality for fisheries and opens vistas previously hidden to locals and visitors alike.

You can watch videos on the importance of peatland and the restoration techniques used by following this link to the Peatland ACTION playlist.

If you would like to know more about Peatland Action and funding available for peatland restoration please get in touch with Anna via email:

For further information on Peatland Action and for guidance and videos on Peatland restoration visit the website here.


Peatland Action restoration event - Cunn
Heather on the peat
Peatland Action restoration event - Cunn
Peatland Action restoration event - Cunn
Peatland Action
Peatland Action restoration event - Cunn
Peatland Action restoration event - Cunn