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Environmental Education

Working with young people to take climate action

Connecting young people with the natural world is the foundation of future climate action. More young people than ever before are experiencing eco-anxiety and apathy. To face these twin challenges alongside the climate crisis our young people must have a robust understanding of climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability – and feel that they can and should take climate action. Our education programme serves to meet these aims.

We provide outdoor and environmental learning sessions on a broad range of topics, catered to the needs of individual classes and youth groups. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive a quote at

Current Projects

If you would like to find out more about these projects, to see if your school is eligible for free sessions, or to donate & fund our work, contact Carys at

Biosphere-explorers-logo (1).jpg

Biosphere Explorers 3

This project embeds the legacy of the resource packs, created during Biosphere Explorers 1, into P5-7 classes. The packs will be available on loan beyond this project, which ends July 2023.

Funded by Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership and Blackcraig Community Fund, administered by Foundation Scotland.

Our Coast and Climate Change

Dumfries and Galloway primaries along the Solway Firth will learn about ocean acidification and coastal erosion during this project, which runs until Dec 2023. 

Funded by Robin Rigg Community Fund, administered by Solway Firth Partnership.

Inspiring Young Environmentalists

We believe that it is not enough for climate change to become embedded in the Scottish Curriculum, but that teachers and community leaders must also be provided with best practice guidance so that eco-anxiety and apathy is not exacerbated during teaching.

Although there is current research available on these topics, what works for other countries, demographics, or contexts may not apply to the rural Scottish context: therefore we wish to investigate what can be taken from this research into our local schools.

We are currently piloting this project and gathering data on teaching methods that reduce, and build resilience to, eco-anxiety within local secondary school pupils. We hope to share our learning so that those discussing climate change with young people can do so in a way that empowers and sets them up for success.


Check back in the future for more information as the project develops.

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