Environmental Education

Working with young people to take climate action

Connecting young people with the natural world is the foundation of future climate action. More young people than ever before are experiencing eco-anxiety and apathy. To face these twin challenges alongside the climate crisis our young people must have a robust understanding of climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability – and feel that they can and should take climate action. Our education programme serves to meet these aims.

We provide outdoor and environmental learning sessions on a broad range of topics, catered to the needs of individual classes and youth groups. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive a quote at c.mainprize@carboncentre.org

We believe that it is not enough for climate change to become embedded in the Scottish Curriculum, but that teachers and community leaders must also be provided with best practice guidance so that eco-anxiety and apathy is not exacerbated.

Our educational projects are built on a foundation of co-creation and learner agency: our young people should be able to direct their learning and, as a result, will become more invested into their learning outcomes. We use a variety of delivery mechanisms such as outdoor learning, scientific experiments, story-based investigations, and pupil-led discussions when providing educational sessions.

Building upon the success of our previous education projects, we are currently piloting a project that focuses on climate action as the solution to eco-anxiety within local secondary school pupils. Check back in the future for more information as the project develops.