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Refill D&G

Reducing single use plastic use

Refill D&G was a campaign aimed at highlighting and reducing single use water bottle use across the region and beyond.


We have had support from community groups, businesses, charities, members of the public and the media. The plastics issue really has everyone talking and more importantly taking action. There are so many people doing so much to reduce plastics, both as individuals, community groups or as part of a business or organisation. We have been inundated with requests for talks and information and we are very grateful for the all the support we have received. We are now working towards developing a much larger project which will further support individuals, schools, communities and businesses in finding solutions for reducing plastic use. 


The 100th Refill point was the SNP office in Dumfries where we met with Emma Harper MSP who fully supports this locally driven plastic reducing initiative. 

Why is Refill important? 

Plastic pollution is one of the largest environmental issues we face and we have witnessed the public taking this issue into their own hands. The BBC’s Blue Planet documentary had a huge impact and showed the shocking effect of plastic on our marine life. Refill is part of the solution for reducing single use plastics in our everyday lives. Recycling will also play a large role in reducing the environmental impact of plastics but reducing our use is immediate and effective and something we can all do now.  

Refill UK - How do you still get involved?

  • Businesses can download the Refill app and sign up to be a Refill point

  • Members of the public can download the Refill app and find Refill points all across the UK

Full details on how to sign up and where to download the Refill app can be found at:

Refill UK is growing by the day and there are now Refill points all over the country. 

For more information on The Carbon Centre please contact us at




Refill UK

"It has been an absolute joy working with the Crichton Carbon Centre to bring Refill to Scotland. Not only was Dumfries and Galloway the first Refill scheme in Scotland but they also signed-up our first working lighthouse as a Refill Station - which is just brilliant!"

Refill D&G - Thank you

Refill D&G - Thank you

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