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Welcoming Jack.

Jack is one of the two successful candidates for our recent project officer recruitment, and joined the team at the start of the month. We share a quick introductory interview with Jack below.


Hi Jack, tell us about yourself.

We welcome Jack to the CCC team!

Hello, I’m Jack, the new Project Officer for CCC! I grew up in the South of England but have fallen in love with Scotland which I now call home. I love travelling and exploring new places, being outdoors and going for long walks - whether that be along the coast or into the mountains! Birds have always been my passion, but I love all nature. When not out in my walking boots I enjoy reading and cooking delicious food.

What inspired you to pursue a career in conservation?

I suppose at a basic level I have long been fascinated by the natural world and by working in conservation I get to meet a whole host of inspiring and knowledgeable people. On a more serious level I hope that by working in conservation I can contribute (however small) to protecting our planet for the future. Starting this role during COP 26 has been particularly pertinent: targets may have fallen short of where they need to be, but there has been a tremendous sense of grassroots optimism, energy and ambition. Together we can make a difference.

What path has your career followed prior to joining CCC?

Since studying Zoology at the University of Exeter I have been lucky enough to volunteer and work in many remote and beautiful places including Skomer Island and The Farne Islands, with a particular interest in the amazing seabirds that come to the UK to breed. I spent this spring and summer on Shetland counting the incredible seabird populations for the National Seabird Census.

What has been your experience with peatlands so far?

Cotton grass on Shetland - Image taken by Jack.

Shetland has vast areas of peatlands. Whilst I was there, I spent endless hours walking off the beaten track and encountered peatlands in a number of states from dry, eroded and overgrazed - to wet, mossy and diverse. In my first couple of weeks at CCC I have learnt a great deal about the vital role that peatlands perform in this pivotal moment for climate and biodiversity. I have already had the chance to visit a few potential restoration sites and have started thinking about the various challenges of restoration.

What are you looking forward to about your role?

With so many restoration projects in the pipeline, I can’t wait to see degraded peatlands transform over the years as restoration procedures take effect. I am looking forward to having discussions with landowners who want to make positive changes on their land. I am also excited to help design and develop any new projects CCC may have in the future.


The team at Crichton Carbon Centre is excited to welcome Jack and the opportunities he brings with him. He's a great addition to the team and we hope he settles in well.

Our second successful applicant, Lewis, will join us next week - look out for his own introductory blog in December.

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