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Our Actions for Rivers

In celebration of the International Day of Action for Rivers, Crichton Carbon Centre would like to look back at some of the work we’ve done with the local rivers.

CCC is a lot more than just peatland restoration! We work with a lot of different organisations to see how peatland restoration can benefit the wider environment. For the past few years we have been working with Galloway Fisheries Trust to look at where we should be monitoring water quality (pH, dissolved organic carbon and temperature) in our river catchments to help us prioritise peatland restoration. By keeping peat and carbon on the hills, and reducing the amount reaching rivers, we hope peatland restoration can contribute to improving water quality by reducing the number of low pH and “acid flush” events which can have serious implications for fish populations.

Have a look below at some of our memories with rivers!


This is the Black Water of Dee. CCC and Galloway Fisheries Trust monitor the water quality of the river.

We work with Galloway Fisheries Trust to test water quality.
We stop peat from getting into watercourses, which affects quality as explained above.
We also work in the uplands to stop peat erosion, which again has downstream impacts on water quality.

In the coming months, we will be working a lot with rivers in our Peatland Connections project, which Jayne is looking forward to! Keep an eye on the Peatland Connections website for more information on that soon.

What action for rivers are you taking today, this month, or this year?

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