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Our 2021 (So Far)

Haven't we been busy? Despite bad weather, lockdowns restrictions, puppies, and many, many cups of tea, the team at Crichton Carbon Centre has achieved so much in 2021 so far. Have a look at our timeline for some of the highlights, and read on for insights into our year.

Although January looks a little quiet, there was lots happening behind the scenes as our new staff and trustee got settled in. Read more about that here.

Of course, February started off with the Peatland Connections launch! This project had been developing in the background prior to this, so we were really excited to announce it. The project has gone from strength to strength - look at the website and follow its socials to keep up to date.

Emily attended an ECO-UNESCO international youth summit "the heat is on" as a speaker. Young people asked the speakers questions and got advice on their projects and ideas; this was in preparation for an event in March where they met with politicians and policy makers.

Around this time, CCC's business plan

was updated into a 1 page document which distilled down all of our goals, aims, and missions! We're excited to share it in an engaging and visual way - see the sneak peak on the timeline.

The end of February has us say goodbye to Mat. He wrote an excellent and touching leaving blog for us here. We wish him the best in his new role with Forestry and Land Scotland!

Our focus in March moved onto COP26. It's a hugely important event for Scotland, but also for all the fantastic organisations, projects, charities, and so on to talk about tackling climate change. You can read our first blog about why peatlands need to be on the COP26 agenda here.

March continues to be busy for us all! Emily has delivered several Peatland ACTION training events, and our restoration work is going on behind the scenes (although it will soon come to an end as breeding bird season starts).

She also conducted interviews for our Peatland ACTION project officer - we're very excited to welcome them on board but will keep tight lipped about it for now!

And, of course, there is so much to look forward to and this hasn't even scratched the surface. Not on our timeline is how excited we are to be able to conduct site visits and meet our new staff/trustee face to face, when lockdown restrictions ease and it is safe to do so.

We hope your 2021 has been as fulfilling, busy, and exciting as ours! We look forward to sharing the next three months with you - keep an eye on our socials and our blog to see what we get up to.

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