Turning research into action


We continually seek to link research with practice and are proud of our track record of applied and academic work. We carry out work for departments of the UK and Scottish Government, Government Agencies, NGOs, businesses and research institutes.


Our network is UK wide and includes businesses, universities, research institutes, NGOs and agencies and is a reflection of our broad interests in the arts, business, the rural economy, and the environment.



It's easy to get in touch,

drop us an e-mail at info@carboncentre.org.

We work both from home and our office. Please use the email address to contact us.


About us

The Centre is best known for our work on peatland restoration, carbon management, sustainable land-use and environmental education.


The Crichton Carbon Centre is an independent, not-for-profit, applied research body, focused on the challenges and benefits of transitioning to a low carbon society.


We have a broad network of collaborators in the scientific, educational and government communities and a track record of successful project management in sustainable development. 

Our projects combine scientific research and direct action to achieve real results in sustainability.

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