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Three reasons to reduce your plastic water bottle use in 2018

1. It saves you money!

We all like to save a bit of money, so we can buy something special, save towards a holiday or just to tighten our purse strings. 

Since we’ve been out and about in the region we’ve spoken with lots of people who buy bottled water and didn’t think the price of a bottle of water was too bad, on average 50p / 500ml. Most people were surprised to learn that they could save around £200 a year by carrying a refillable water bottle. That’s a massive saving!

2. Protecting your environment

So now that you’ve saved a bit of money what about the plastic you have saved?

Hundreds of single use plastic bottles are now not going in your bin and into our environment. The BBC's Blue Planet recently highlighted how plastic is having a significant on our marine life and a trip to the beach can be quite shocking when you see the amount of plastic there.

We joined a lovely group of people at Southerness last Sunday to spend a few hours collecting some of the plastic that’s been washed up on the coastline. Over 70 people came along on a cold and rainy afternoon and between us we collected over 90 bin bags of plastic and some large plastic items. Huge thank you and well done to the organisers Lottie Glover, Fiona Rodgerson, Jac Lamb and Lauria Howieson and everyone who gave their time to help clean up the beach. 

(Images by Lottie Glover, Brian Walker and Jayne Murdoch).

3. There is always somewhere nearby to fill up your water bottle

No matter where you are in the region you’re never far from a Refill Point, just look for the sign in the window. There are now over seventy locations around Dumfries and Galloway that you can refill your refillable water bottle.

The groundswell is rising and the tide is turning on plastic, especially single use plastics.

To become a Refill Station or find out how you can get involved contact us for more information.

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